How To Find My ARN (Application Receipt Number) Online?

Hello Everyone, As we all know, the First Part Draft NRC has published by the Assam Government at the midnight of 31st December 2017. And they have built many websites to check your names in the first part of NRC draft. In our previous articles, we talked about How to Check NRC result through Online? So, Today I’m going to share How to find ARN via Online? I think we all know about ARN. If not then don’t worry! We will talk about it. It is essential when you go to check your NRC result via online.

So, That’s why I’m coming to discuss What is ARN and How to find if you lost it? So, before I start writing How to know or find ARN (Application Receipt Number), Let’s talk about What is ARN?

What is ARN?

ARN is a number. The full meaning of ARN is Application Receipt Number. It is very essential to check NRC draft Online. And it is provided by NRC officials. Yes! If you register your family names including you during the time NRC registration, then you already get it. Yes! After completed the NRC registration they give you an acknowledgement receipt and the ARN is available there. The ARN will be used for looking up NRC drafts and Final NRC and other references. So, you need to save it for future records.

But if you lost it or misplace it then what you do? In that case, you don’t have to be panic. Because there are some NRC helpline numbers available for that kind issues. So, Check this out below:

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How to know my NRC ARN Online?

Here are steps below to find your ARN.

  • First of all, you need to Call at NRC Call centre at 15107 (Toll-Free).
  • After that, there Call centre agent shall assist you with the ARN.
  • Now you are required to provide any one of the following details to the Agent.




Note: If you stay in Assam then you can call at there toll-free Number 15107 And If you stay in outside of Assam then you can call or dial at 18003453762 Number.

Also if you don’t the online process to find the ARN, then you can even go through Offline for that issues.

Here the information below to find ARN for offline applicants.

In case you have misplaced or lost your Application Receipt Number (ARN), which was issued against your Application Form, visit your designated NRC Seva Kendra and collect the information.

That’s all about ARN and How to find it via online or offline if you lost it. Share this article for helping others. Thank you for reading this article.

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