How to Complain About NRC Final Draft, Clear Your All Queries and Doubt

Hello friends, now it is not necessary to repeat that the part draft of NRC Assam published on the official website on 31st December 2017. Every Citizen of Assam was exited before releasing the NRC Part draft to see whether their name would be there in the NRC list or not. At last all imagination, all prediction come to an end on that particular day. Many people found their names in the NRC part draft and many people didn’t. But you don’t need to worry if your name is not there in the NRC first draft. You can consider it as a sample of NRC list. Even you will get chance to complain after releasing the NRC second draft or the complete draft. But how?? I am here to guide you how to Complain NRC Final Draft so that you can clear all queries and doubts about NRC draft.

How to Complain about NRC final draft?

To complain about NRC Second draft of final draft, please follow the below mentioned steps-

  • First of all visit
  • Now Click on “Latest information on NRC Update” on the Right.
  • Now Click on “Submit You Complaint/Suggestion Here“.
  • A Complaint form will appear on the next screen.
  • Fill up the form and Click on “Submit.”
  • That’s all.Your complaint will be received by the NRC Authority.

Ok! Now I think your doubt and queries are crystal clear. You can complain anytime anywhere by following the above steps after releasing the NRC final draft. But when will it be released??

NRC Second Draft/ Complete Draft Release Date

As I have told you that the second draft of NRC will be the final draft. So all are eager to know when the Final list of NRC is released?

The NRC final draft may be released in February or March 2018. But the Govt. of Assam or NRC Authority hasn’t fixed the date officially. Stay connected with us so that you can get latest NRC news as fast as possible.

How to Check Your Name in NRC final Draft?

Since the release date of NRC complete draft has not fixed yet, so now we can not guide you properly to find your name in NRC final draft. However, we have written an article on NRC Assam complete result or 2nd draft which you may find helpful. Stay tuned with us for more update

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