Publication of Draft NRC Final Result: Check your name here

The NRC Update process is currently being conducted in Assam from 1st January 2018 onwards. This is the first draft of NRC is published so if you don’t find your name here then don’t worry the complete list will be published in the final NRC list. If you see any wrong details, then you can apply for correction of your name or any other entry in your respect as appearing in the draft updated NRC. After completion of the disposal of claims and the objections, final registers at various levels shall publish as Final draft NRC list.

Draft NRC will published in all the villages or wards where the Application Forms were issued and received. The draft NRC shall be available for public viewing in National Seva Kendras as well as online. Here we will discuss various methods of checking your name in part publication of draft NRC List and check NRC Assam final Result.

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Latest Update:

“The Verification of family tree mismatch is being carried out from 2nd April Monday in NRC seva kendras. The deadline is set 31st may by Hon’ble Supreme court of India. Along with this The verification of citizenship documents of 29 lakh married women, most of them being migrant Muslims is carried out”

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About Draft NRC Final Result

  1. For public, a draft of the NRC will be published in due course of time which will also be made available in NSKs and online
  2. If your name is wrongly spelt and if you wish to do any corrections/changes, you have to file a claim/correction application at your nearest NRC Seva Kendra. Then address it to the Local Registrar of Citizens Registrations. A receipt shall be issued to you by the Help Desk at the centre. A notice shall be published within a stipulated time for the hearing of the Correction Petition. In case of correction or for any other changes to be made for inclusion in the NRC, an Application, set in a prescribed format is available at the NRC Seva Kendras or the LRCR offices
  3. If your name is not included in the draft you may file a claim for inclusion of your name in the NRC update process by applying your respective LRCR
  4. there is a specified time for reapplication. The information shall be shared with the public through newspapers, TV channels, on radio/FM channels as required, if such a situation arises

How to Check your name in Draft NRC final List

There are five ways on how you can check your name in part publication of NRC. We have explained them below:-

Walk into your NSK’s (nearest Seva Kendras)

  • Go to your nearest NRC Seva Kendra
  • Then check your name in printed copies
  • Timings are: From 8 am to 4 pm on 1st January. 10 am to 4 pm on 2nd January 2018 until 31st January 2018 on all working days

Check Online

Check NRC Result

You can also check your name in any of the following sites. Just enter the ARN number as shown above.


Pre-registration of your mobile number

You can also know your name included or not via automatic receipt of SMS

  • Pre-register your mobile number by sending SMS to 9765556555 or 9108464438 or 9108464450
  • If you avail the pre-registration facility, you will receive an SMS automatically about the inclusion of your name in Part Draft on expiry of midnight of 31′ December 2017
  • The format for pre-registration is ARN space ARN. For example: If your ARN is 101856721980000087961 then type ARN 101856721980000087961 and send it to 9765556555 or 9108464438 or 9108464450
  • The service will remain active till 6 pm on 31st December 2017

Through On demand SMS

  • You can send SMS to 9765556555 or 9108464438 or 9108464450 after the expiry of midnight 31st Dec 2017. You can send in the format ARN space ARN to get information about inclusion of your name in draft
  • For example: If your ARN is 101856721980000087961 then type ARN 101856721980000087961 and send it to 9765556555 or 9108464438 or 9108464450
  • You will soon receive an SMS with your name inclusion

Dialing toll-free number

You can call on toll-free no.s 15107 (from Assam) and 18003453762 (from outside Assam) to know your name in draft NRC.

NRC Part Draft check name

Note: “Applicants of Guwahati City will need to refer to the Ward numbers as per the earlier demarcation of 60 wards.”

Points to Remember:

  • Applicants who have activated DO NOT DISTURB (CMG) in their phone numbers will not receive any response.
  • They can pre-register using any other number which does not have DND registration

Important announcement on NRC Update in Assam

  • Draft NRC shall be published on the expiry of midnight of 31st December 2017 for those applicants for whom the entire process of verification would be completed by that date. As such, this will be a part publication of Draft NRC.
  • Another Draft NRC shall be published subsequently after completion of verification of the rest of the applicants, which shall be the complete publication of Draft NRC. Date of entire publication of Draft NRC will be notified separately.
  • Applicants who do not find their names in the part publication of Draft NRC published on 31st December 2017 should not have any fears and apprehensions as their verification is in progress and will be completed soon. Verification of each is being done meticulously in a fair and objective manner to ensure that names of all genuine Indian Citizens as per cut-off date of 24th March (midnight), 1971 are included in NRC.
  • Documents of each member of a family are verified for their genuineness by respective authorities who issued the reports

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This is all about NRC Assam final result and how to check your name online in the part publication of draft NRC. If you have any questions about draft NRC feel free to comment below.


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